Monday, October 2, 2017

It Still Comes Back to Belief

We know the mantra … You Can If You Think You Can.  This lies at the heart of everything we are about. 
~Can we do a certain job?
~Can we learn a new skill?
~Can we launch that new project?
~Can we survive in a relationship?

“Belief” is the bedrock of our life journey. 
Every experience we will ever face rests on our belief in our ability to meet and properly engage with that moment in time. 

I’ll never be a ballet dancer.  I don’t BELIEVE.
I’ll never be a rocket scientist.  I don’t BELIEVE.

And look at what I can do. 

At the present moment, I’m learning podcasting.  It is a multi-step process in getting this launched.  However, I believe – BELIEVE I can learn these steps and skills, therefore, I’m on my way.

First comes desire. 
Then belief. 

Belief comes, sometimes, with time and seasoning.  I didn’t start writing seriously until I was sixty.  I had thought about it, dreamed of becoming a writer, and one fine day I said, “Today is the day.  I believe I can.”  And so, I am. 

It is okay to let your beliefs simmer on the back burner for a while.  Some ideas need more cooking time.  Maybe you and your desire need that one spark that tells you “today is the day.”  And when that day comes, CHARGE with a full tank of belief.

This is what is on my mind today.

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