Saturday, December 27, 2014

Can You Handle This?

Sometimes we want things we can’t handle.  I love pecan pie, but I can’t handle a huge dose of it.  Oh, I am free to choose to eat as much pecan pie as I want, but what is best here?

I think we just hit on a significant idea - FREEDOM!

In a conversation recently with a 38 year old, we were talking about the freedom to make choices.  I acknowledged some choices that were made for me in my younger life.  My lament was that I could have made good decisions without those restraints in place; however, that discovery didn’t come to light until well into adulthood.  I felt somewhat cheated in the early development of my “freedom of choice” muscle.

My friend’s comment was that those who grew up with a lot of freedom seemed to embrace more restraints in adult.  This was a direct reaction to a series of bad choices.  They became afraid of their FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

Wow!  What a dilemma. 

That reminds me of a great quote I read recently.

“Freedom is our opportunity.”  I love that.  With opportunity there is always risk.  Unless we step out and try, then we will never know.  Freedom forces us to make choices. 

Developing a healthy sense of choice is the critical piece here.  I’m reminded of a joke I heard once.

A wise man was once asked how he became so wise.
“By making wise choices” he answered.
“And how did you learn to make wise choices?”
“By making bad choices” he responded. 

And we come back to our main thought. 

“Freedom is our problem
and freedom is our opportunity.”
Seth Godin

And when you come to the end of your life, may it be said of you …

“You have chosen … wisely!”
Indiana Jones – The Last Crusade

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