Monday, November 30, 2015

What Child Indeed

It is interesting to ponder the baby who became a King.  He was brought into the world into such humble settings.  His place of birth was less than wonderful.  His first swaddling left much to be desired.  His first visitors were farm animals, and then came shepherds fresh from the fields. 

Not a very exciting way to welcome THE KING, was it? 

His birth surprised the establishment of the day as well.  They were looking for a deliverer. 

          Instead they got a baby.

They were looking for a warrior to overcome their oppressors. 

          Instead they got a baby.

They were looking for a hero.

          Instead they got a baby.

But most of all they got love.

Ponder the child in the manger. 

Love expressed in the most wholesome, beautiful way.

Love expressed in innocence.

Love expressed in cries in the night, just like the sounds any normal baby would offer.

Love expressed through a lifestyle of peace, compassion, caring, passion. 

Never before had the world seen
such a life, nor would we ever see it
again in such a pure state.

This baby, this little one named Jesus grew to become …

Well, what do you need this Christ Child to be in your world?

Do you need …
A friend?                          He is.
A healer?                          He is.
A savior?                          He is.
A comforter?                    He is.
A model of integrity?       He is.
A pathfinder?                    He is.
A protector?                      He is.

 What child is this?

Indeed, what child is this!

P Michael Biggs
Offering Words of Hope
At Christmas

Monday, November 23, 2015

Show Up and Be Seen

You have too much good in you to allow your spark of creativity to be hidden.  This post is meant purely to push you out into the light so that you can become visible for once in your life.  And maybe more than once.  Now wouldn’t that be something?

Sooner or later you must show up and be seen. 

Brene Brown is having a huge impact on us in these days.  I love her vulnerability prayer.

In another passage from her book Daring Greatly, Brene tells a story of her daughter attending a swim meet that she really didn’t want to participate in. 

Brene’s words to Ellen were:

“Just get wet!”

And Ellen did just that.  She didn’t win that day, except in the most profound ways of all.  She showed up.  She got wet.  She entered the water.

Sometimes effort is enough and it speaks volumes.

When we show up we are becoming vulnerable.  We are putting it out there for all to see.  And we survive the experience. 

A personal story:  I often felt vulnerable in the early days of blogging.  Every time before pressing “PUBLISH” I felt a moment of fear.  I suddenly didn’t want to be seen.  I would rather have gone and hidden than press publish.

But I pressed it.  I showed up.  I became visible.  And it got easier.  Now, it happens automatically.  
   I write
         I edit 
            I “PUBLISH”

It was not easy, but it was necessary.

Another story:  Before I published my first book I was nothing but a wanna-be author.  The act of publishing my first book was a tremendous boost to my self-esteem and my core feelings about myself.  You see, I had talked of being a writer for thirty years, but I kept cancelling the “show up” part. 

And after releasing my book, the feeling of accomplishment was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  It was a euphoria and a self-satisfaction that was indescribable. 

You’ll never fully appreciate what I am speaking of until you take a chance on YOU and show up and allow yourself to be seen.

Otherwise you’ll simply remain as a wanna-be, and that would be a great waste of your talent, now wouldn’t it?

Come on out.  I’ll stand beside you, hold your hand if you like, and whisper some encouraging words into your ear.

Words like
     ~You can do this.
          ~You are worthy of this honor.
               ~You deserve to be seen.

Be Seen!

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time

Monday, November 16, 2015

Permission to DO Anyway

I am going to make a bold and empowering statement to you.  You might want to sit down for this one.

Your ideas are unique to you.  Who cares if
your idea has been done before?  It has not been done by you.  Therefore – go!  Do!  Be!  Become!

When I started blogging six years ago there were thousands of bloggers who were writing the same kinds of thoughts I write, but they weren’t me.  They didn’t have my take on life, my insights and my individualistic writing style and thought processes. 

And six years later I still write, and people around the world still read my stuff.  Amazing!

Some are better writers than I.  Some are more well-known, more handsome or beautiful, skinnier or more rotund – but none of them think exactly as I think. 

And it is so for you.

Do you want to build something?  DO!
Want to start a company?  DO!

Want to invent a new widget?  DO!

You have permission to go and DO!

You are unique.  You are qualified to do what you want to do. 

Need learning?     Go get it.
Need money?        Go find it.
Need inspiration?  Read my stuff, and others.
Need time?  Find it within the 24/7 you already own.

It would be a tragedy if you hid your talent and allowed it to be snuffed out.

That would be a serious tragedy indeed.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time

Monday, November 9, 2015

Are You Gonna Get Better

A quick story:  Earl Weaver, former coach of the Baltimore Orioles, was famous for running out to the umpire and complaining about the calls he disagreed with. 

One day he stormed out and said, “Is this as good as it’s going to be or are you gonna get any better?”

I don’t know about you but I’m all about getting better.  That is why I read from a variety of authors and on different subjects.

That is why I like alone time.  I often need to go within and analyze where I am, what I’m thinking and where I want to go.  And I want to be a better writer and observe other writers at their finest.

That is why I like listening to other’s opinions and views.  A person can learn a lot if we listen with critical ears.  That doesn’t mean we agree, but it does help us sharpen our thinking skills.

I want to get better; therefore, I am willing to invest in my education after my degree.

Let’s get better. 

There is still time.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time

Monday, November 2, 2015

Just Go Make Stuff

(Just for the record, this post is purely and simply a motivational and inspirational post.  After reading this I want you to take some kind of action or make some kind of commitment to yourself and go make something.)

Okay, let’s start.

You do not need permission to live the creative life.  You do not need to wait on a sign, or have the ‘right’ person come to you and invite you into the creative process.  You just need to do that thing you’ve longed to do. 

Who cares if people like it, buy it, read it, listen to it or praise it?  All that matters is you give life to some creative spark inside of you that needs expression.

I have six blogs that I write weekly.  One of them, A Time for Rhyme (Click this link), is a short, sometimes humorous, often silly muse that expresses some insight from the comical and offbeat side of my mind.  When I promote this site on social media I often make fun of these poems with some kind of snide remark about “don’t laugh too much”, “don’t take this too seriously” etc.

When I started, I wanted to make sure those who would venture to this poem site knew and understand that this was a bunch of nonsense.  Most people got that, yet I still got a few comments about ‘don’t give up your day job’. 

The point is this – this site pleases me.  It allows creativity in a new direction from anything I’ve ever attempted.  I like what is going on here and honestly, that is all that matters.  What is amazing is that this site often out-performs my other sites on some days, and that is simply confirmation that I am following my creative heart.

My word for you - Just go make stuff.
Live the creative life. 

You don’t need a reason and you don’t need permission.

If you do need permission, I am officially giving you permission to go and create something just for the heck of it.

The end beginning!

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time