Monday, October 16, 2017

A Conceiving Mind

Our minds are imagination machines.  We dream, we form ideas, we devise plans to bring about what our minds imagine.  When an idea is born in our minds, and we partner that idea with a huge belief mindset, then watch out.  We, perhaps, have jump-started a chain reaction toward a worthy and worthwhile achievement.

Napoleon Hill and others state this so well:
“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

This idea prompts me to want to go back to what John Maxwell calls his “thinking chair”.  It is his place to go to when he wants to commandeer those illusive and fleeting thoughts and ideas.  Next to this chair, John keeps a pen and note pad in order to capture the thoughts that come to mind.  My version of this is the always-present Mole Skin notebook.

Ideas call at odd moments of our lives and we have to be ready to capture them in the wild. 

One of the synonyms for ‘conceiving’ is ‘apprehending’.  We capture ideas.  I’m in the beginning days of launching my podcast.  My wife, Carolyn, has been a major influence on me in starting this, for she is an avid podcast listener.  Over time she has ‘apprehended’ dozens of ideas for making a good and a bad podcast, and now she is passing along her wisdom to me. 

I remember the day when I ‘apprehended’ my ideas on what I do best.  I did exactly what John Maxwell recommends and locked myself up in my room and began a serious assessment of what is it that I do best above all else. 

The answer, for me – I am best at encouraging others.  I often see a spark of something good in someone and I want to help bring that spark to a roaring blaze.  If I see a person down on themselves, I begin looking for something positive and good about them and find ways to point that out.

My mind is nothing more than a birthing room for my next great idea.  And so is yours. 


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