Thursday, October 27, 2011


I've had a thousand beginnings in my life.  I’ve started projects, books, repair jobs, and a dozen other enterprises; yet along the way I lost my focus. 

I stopped envisioning my objective.  I stopped seeking ways to continue the pursuit; to accomplish the dream.

             I lost my focus.

I discovered this insightful acrostic from Mari Smith’s Personal Strategies for the word “FOCUS”. 

It’s simple.

It’s easy to remember. 

Here it is:


It speaks of staying power, pertinacity. 

There are some epic examples in our land of those who have consistently demonstrated FOCUS.

Man on the Moon
Apple and Steve Jobs
Lance Armstrong
President Obama

What are your dreams?
What do you want to do, to be, to accomplish?

It’s all about F O C U S.

Follow One Course Until Successful.

For many years I dreamed of and talked about becoming a writer and speaker.  But for too many years it was simply talk, no action.  I awakened one day and realized that people were not going to beat my door down until I proved that I had what it takes to write and speak.

I looked at some stats today for my blogs.  They are being read in places like Canada, England, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.  I don’t reveal this to boast, but rather to make a very poignant point.

I am doing what is required so that I can accomplish my goals

I’m on my way to seeing my dreams become a reality because I have FOCUS.  I am following one course until successful. 

How is your FOCUS?

Map out your strategy.

Set your mind to the task.

Follow your course.

It will lead you to amazing places.

Happy Travels!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sapere Vedere

One of my treasured books for the past two years is Kevin Hall’s Aspire.   In this book Kevin introduces us to this wonderful word – Sapere Vedere (sah-PARE-ay veh-DARE-ay).

Sapere Vedere is knowing how to see.  Another way of saying this is “seeing beyond the clouds.”  What a useful skill that would be.

A part of this word’s meaning lies in the whole concept of “believing is seeing.

I love the plaque on my wall next to my desk.  It says: 

As Kevin says, “People with sapere vedere say ‘I’ll see that bridge before I cross it.’”

We people people are in great need of the essence of sapere vedere.  We see with our eyes, but vision is a function of one’s heart.

Vision expands the limitations of our eyes.  I love this line from Kevin.  “Never let your eyes determine what you heart believes”.

Think of it this way:
“Wisdom is knowing what we saw.
          “Vision is knowing what we see.
                    “Sapere vedere is knowing how to see.”

What shall you become one day?  Only your vision can tell you.

This thought kind of adds new light to Henry David Thoreau’s great comment.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Are You Gonna Get Better?

John Maxwell tells this story:
Earl Weaver, coach of Baltimore Orioles once said to an umpire in a baseball game, “Is this as good as it’s gonna be or are you gonna get better?”

Turn that question inward and let’s see what comes out.

“Are we as good as we are gonna be, or are we going to get better?”

I’ve made a few mistakes in my life.  Allow me to list them for you.

Once upon a time I …

Never mind.  You get the point.

We have within our grasp so much information that there is absolutely no reason we can’t improve, whatever it is we want to improve.   Just look at our resources:  Colleges, Universities, Internet web browsing, magazines and books in abundance in libraries and bookstores. 

What needs improving in your life?  In my life?

A part of this process includes evaluating your past. 
Do you know yourself? 
     Your past? 
          Your weaknesses and strengths?

That’s a great place to start. 

The next step is learning from those weak areas and having the attitude of “next time I’ll do better.”

               Go toward your better understanding
               of whatever it is you want and need.

The world is waiting for your mark, your words, and your contribution.  Learn, get better, and go toward it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Nothing happens until courage steps up to the plate and swings the bat.

Karl Barth, a Swiss Theologian once said, 
          “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.”

Are you facing a tremendous decision? 
Ready to launch something new,
                        something bold and revolutionary? 

Are you afraid?


Eddie Rickenbacker said 
“There can be no courage unless you are scared. 
Courage is doing what you are afraid to do.”

John Maxwell says 
“Courage begins with an inward battle.  
Courage isn't an absence of fear.  
It’s doing what you are afraid to do.”  

Before I launched my weekly blogs and the commitment to stick with them, I was just a wannabe writer.  I had been published before, but that was in the past and no one remembers what I said back then. 

What about today?  I had to risk being rejected by readers, having people opt out of receiving my blogs, but mostly I had to commit to myself that I was going to be a writer no matter what.  I had to screw my courage to the sticking place. 

Courage is the willingness to take a risk – the one character trait shared by all great and effective men and women.

The death of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers, was just announced this week.  Talk about a man of courage. 

Steve was a visionary, an innovator, and a forward thinking individual.  I love his line “Let’s Go Invent Tomorrow.”  (See my Sept. 15, 2011 blog "Let's Go Invent Tomorrow" Blog)

Look at the tomorrows that Steve invented.  He changed our world for the good.  That took tremendous courage.  He had no assurance that people would respond to his ideas.  But he had courage.

Did Steve Jobs have fear?  Most likely he had it in buckets and truck loads.  But he faced his fears, gathered his courage closely around him and stepped up to the plate. 


He hit home runs

May you find your courage in buckets and truckloads and step up to the plate. 

You just might hear the roar of the crowds as you round third base headed for home.