Monday, November 28, 2016

Not Always in a Box

I love this quote:

Some of us spend a lot of time choosing and wrapping our Christmas gifts for others.  Some do, I do not, but that’s not important here.

Three years ago Carolyn and I were headed to our special dinner together on Christmas Eve.  We passed a man who appeared down on his luck so to speak.  I gave him five bucks.  It was no big deal to me, but who knows what it did for him.  He uttered a halting “Merry Christmas”, we went to dinner and that was that.  It was not a fancy boxed gift we gave.  It was five bucks. 

But perhaps we brought a small measure of Christmas to that nameless man. 

I love watching my step-children parent their kids.  They correct as needed, but they give so much more.  They give esteeming words and principles, they give the gift of listening to their kid’s worries, their hurts and the things that matter to them at whatever ages they happen to be.  Those listening ears and wise hearts didn’t come in a box.

Carolyn gives me the gift of plenty of writing time.  She often laments that I’m going to be interrupted by our schedule on the weekends.  I cannot tell you the warm feelings and validation I feel when my wife honors this writing part of my life.  It is a gift not found in a box, but a great gift nevertheless.

When we give gifts of love and esteem, validation and recognition, gifts of hope and words of encouragement, we give something far more valuable than any wrapped present imaginable.  And these gifts that are out of the box have a shelf-life that far exceeds any other. 

Maya Angelou says it this way:  
"I’ll never forget how you made me feel.”

Now that is a gift we can all give, every day. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

One Simple Line

I continue to marvel at the power of words and how the right word spoken at the right time can have such a positive influence on one’s life.

My transforming line was – I Approve of Myself.  Having grown up in a home where rebuke and putdowns was the norm, I grew up feeling I had little to contribute to anybody’s life, much less my own.  That one phrase has had a huge impact on my own life personally.

There are thousands of other phrases that speak as powerfully to others as this one did to me.  You see, I strongly believe in the power of words and phrases and know for a fact that words can change a person’s life.

For the next few weeks I’ll be doing a series of articles on the importance of words.

Phrase #1:  I’m wrong – I apologize.

This is perhaps the most difficult of all the phrases we will cover.  “I’m wrong” indicates the need for a reverse gear.  It says ‘I’m man enough to know when I am off course and have the guts to admit it and get back on track.”

As an aside, when is the last time you heard a person holding a high office admit they were wrong?  It is a tough call, a humbling call.  And don’t we appreciate it when someone admits a fault?

“I’m wrong” could be the beginning for some kind of healing in our world.

Say the words. 

One simple line that could make all the difference.

P Michael Biggs
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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Really Appreciate You

 We recently spent a week in Kona, Hawaii.  In one of the shops we frequented we were given this bookmark.

Four simple, sledge-hammer words that still work today.

They open hearts.
They strengthen friendships.
They cement marriages.
They endear customers.

This mindset takes me back to what I know.

Every person alive 
wants to be recognized 
and validated.

We want to connect and become more than just the next cash register ticket, or the next dollar profit on your bottom line.

This smart young business owner who passes out these markers knows this.  That is why Carolyn specifically went back to him and made a few purchases.  He appreciated us and we wanted to appreciate him back.

Appreciation works.

Say the words.

This is what is on my mind today. 

P Michael Biggs
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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Be Kind to Yourself

Today is a good day to offer yourself some self-love.  You need it, you deserve it, and you want it.  And even as you read these words you deny the last part – that you want it.  Nevertheless, it is true.  You WANT to be kind to yourself, and perhaps you stop short of this for fear of appearing egotistical, or selfish, or narcissistic.  A word of hope – don’t let ‘self’ get in the way of your own health.

Really, what we are talking about is a ‘healthier’ you.  Give yourself permission to like yourself.  Wait a minute – read that again.  GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO LIKE YOURSELF!

Here are some secrets toward a more generous treatment of self.

Avoid Putdowns.
For too long you have listened to a lousy self-talk full of …
     I can’t
          I don’t know how
               I don’t deserve …
                    Nobody will like me

Today is your day to begin a new journey, a new mindset.  Today is your day to end the battle of the “Can’t” and take a step toward “I CAN!

Stop Belittling Your Talents
You have talents.  Oh, my friend, believe me you DO have talents.  They may have become overshadowed by your put-down mindset, but they lie just beneath the surface.  Your talents just need a bit of belief, a bit of good nurturing. 

You might start with a few good affirmations.

I am capable.
I am worthy.
I can do some good in this world.

Your talents want to be set free

Stop Belittling Your Ideas
Your ideas are valid.  Your ideas have worth.  The thing I have learned in life is this, my ability to generate ideas is like developing a muscle.  It grows and improves with use. 

Just because ‘it’ has been done before is of no consequence.  It hasn’t been done by you.  How many different headache remedies are on the shelves?  How many different varieties or soda pop, shirts, computers, shoes, or anything else we enjoy are now available?  How many books exist on similar subjects? 

Your ideas are unique to YOU.  There is worth and value in your ideas.  Bring them to the light.  Let us see how you think.  We may like it and buy it.  Really!

Today is your ACTION Day
Get out of bed.  Rise up from your comfortable recliner.  Hang out your shingle.  Start writing your blog or book.  Call someone and begin a relationship or renew a friendship.  Go to your workshop and pull together the pieces for your new widget.

“They” are not going to come and knock on your door.  You have to knock on their door and ask to be seen.  Ask others to read your stuff, buy your stuff.

Be kind to yourself by believing in yourself!

This is what is on my mind today.

P Michael Biggs
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