Monday, January 30, 2017


Even in some moments when we are unprepared, we leap.  We leap and discover the joy of the leap.  We leap, and it is like unto an act of faith.  Where we will land is unknown.  What will happen after we land, we have perhaps only a vague idea.  And we leap.  

~We leap, because there is no guarantee of
~We leap, because the dream is greater than the risk.
~We leap, because we must know what our dream, our wants, our desires, our destiny is all about.

Unprepared realizes that sometimes we’ll never be fully prepared.  We’ll think and rethink, we’ll guess and second guess, we’ll dream and back away because we fear.

Sometimes we just make the leap. 

We make the leap and discover the edge of our fear, and sometimes in leaping we plough right on through the edge and find new edges. 

Leap!  Don’t wait for the guarantee.  It may not work … yet, it may. 


P Michael Biggs
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Monday, January 23, 2017

The Danger of Shallow Wells

“You can’t draw 
much water out of 
a shallow well.” 
~Jim Garlow – Pastor Skyline Church 
San Diego, CA

If you are thirsty, find a deep well.  Find a reservoir in which a person could almost drown – at least metaphorically.

I read or I die!  What a profound statement.  And it is true.  I can measure the goodness of my content by my reading life. 

 And so I go and find good wells of insight, good books, and authors who can stretch me, inspire me, make me pause in mid-sentence and say “Wow!”

I’m just now discovering Hemingway and Steinbeck.  These are two deep wells from which I am just beginning to drink.

Other wells that I love to hang around are …
~TED Talks
~Christa Tippet – On Being
~Brennan Manning and Philip Yancey (for
   the Christian mindset)
~Bob Goff - what a fresh drink he is.
~Julia Cameron (The Artist Way and others)
~Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich and
~Earl Nightingale (The Strangest Secret)

And how could I ever forget Seth Godin.  He’s the man!  Insightful, on-purpose, challenging, astute.  I get a daily dose of Seth in my in-box.

Shallow wells don’t do it for me.  Lead me to deep wells and I shall drink deeply.

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Moments of 'Stupid'

Moments of ‘Stupid’
January 16, 2017

Carolyn and I got new iPhones a while back.  For two or three days, I felt stupid.  I knew my old phone so well, and now this – this stupid-maker needed to be unlocked and turned into a functioning tool. 

For a while I felt stupid.  And then it worked.  I learned. 

This happens to all of us, doesn’t it?  And isn’t that the way we learn?

I have a friend who is a biological researcher.  She probably feels stupid for most of her work hours, for she is working on a cure for a certain strain of cancer.  Can you imagine leaving work every day and having feelings of ‘stupid’?

And she keeps going back to work.  She keeps trying to unlock the code to success.  Aren’t we glad she does, and others like her?

Stupid has a partner you know.  FEAR!

When we feel stupid we are afraid. 
~What if I never succeed?
 ~What if I never get another date?
  ~What if I flunk this test?
   ~What if I fall on my face in front of everybody?

And we try anyway.  We continue to get back up, swing the bat a few more times or run the quarter-back sneak play one more time.

Unfortunately, our mighty Seahawks lost their chance to play in this year’s Superbowl.  I don’t know all the emotions running through their collective minds but I’m sure some feel stupid over a certain out-of-position move on a certain play.  And perhaps there is a touch of fear of “will we ever win another Superbowl?

The answer to all of this?

Yes!  We can win again.  We can find the cure.  WE CAN!

And how? 

Maybe through some simple changes.  My biologist friend doesn’t keep doing the same test with the same ingredients hoping for a different answer.  She changes. 


Change hurts.  Change is often no fun.

And we do it anyway. 

Change can bring growth.  Change can be a great thing. 

Change might may us feel stupid for a while.  And we hate the feeling of stupid. 

However … how about looking at life this way …

Stupid could be a good thing.  What if stupid simply means …

I may not know the answer today, but I’m closer than yesterday, I’m better than last week or last season.  And ‘stupid’ then becomes our motivator toward knowledge, skills gained, and making an iPhone work.

Stupid can be a very good thing.

Very good!

P Michael Biggs
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