Monday, March 27, 2017

What Are the Odds

What are the odds …

~Of bowling a 300 game                
~1 in 11,500

~Of being hit by lightning                
~1 in 576,000

~Of getting a royal flush
on your first five cards              
~1 in 649,740

~Of becoming U.S. President 
~1 in 10,000,000

~Of winning the $340 million
jackpot in Mega Millions lottery 
  –1 in 750,000,000

Of you being born in this
particular time, place
and circumstances                                  
~1 in 400,000,000,000

And there you sit, reading about all these odds.  You are a bloody miracle in the making.  You made it against all odds.

Now what are you going to do about that? 

`Oh, I suppose you could wander around, twiddle your thumbs, work at meaningless minutia. 
`You could watch a thousand soap operas.
`You could let your schedule be dictated by
the TV.

You could, I suppose.  But you are one of 400,000,000,000 possibilities.  YOU are unique.  YOU made it when 399,000,000,000 others didn’t.

What does that do for you? 

Now … what is your worth?

Now … how do you view your opportunities.

I’d say you’re somebody.  SOMEBODY all in caps.

   Today, proclaim your success at being.
      Proclaim your opportunities.
         Proclaim your potentiality.

You really are a work of art. 

Today – go become all you can become.

Odds calculated by factoring in the chances of survival of a continuous lineage of more than 100,000 generations of your predecessors, all surviving successive natural disasters throughout more than a million years of geological time, including factors of evolution, biogenesis, specific sperm and egg combinations, ultimately merging successfully together to result in the one-and-only-YOU.
This blog based on an idea from the book 1 by Compendium.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Are You Thirsty

Thirsty people make a difference. 

Thirsty people ask questions like why, how come, what happens then, what if … oh my, they ask a lot of what if questions.

Are you thirsty?  Thirsty people form habits –
habits of shipping, of pressing play, of publishing, of going it alone if necessary. 

Oh, we don’t have to be thirsty.  We can accept the normal mindset, the usual, the expected.  We can continue to accept things as they are, and miss a whole passel of possibilities.

We could do that, I suppose. 

We could let fear kill our thirst.  
Broken promises kill thirst for sure. 
And people have even been punished for being thirsty – for asking questions.

Sometimes schools and universities kill thirst by focusing on grades and not on the learning process. 

But you and I are thirsty.  We seek new information in different places.  We read from a variety of sources, authors and magazines that sometimes challenge and stretch us. 

We are thirsty. 

Come along.  Let’s be thirsty together.

We are not threatened by the new, the obscure source, or the out-of-bounds idea.  We are thirsty people after all.

We don’t swallow every drink that comes along, but we taste, we hold it in our mouths, we swish it around, we sniff it out, we sample and see how it goes down.  We’re not careless, but we are curious.

And of course, we spit it out when necessary. 

I like thirsty.  Thirsty is a game-changer.  

Are you thirsty, too?

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
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Monday, March 13, 2017

People Don't Know

A profound statement:

People don’t know 
what they want. 

What in the world does that mean? 

If you want to invent the next widget, you can’t listen to people, because if you asked them what they want, they will probably ask for what they already know and understand. 

Think of it this way … People were not asking for the iPod or iPhone, or a tablet when Steve Jobs and his team created them.  They made them and then people wanted them.

People didn’t ask for the movie La La Land to be made.  Some bright team of individuals said, “This is what we shall do”, and they made it.

Henry Ford didn’t have a bunch of people coming to him asking for his automobile.  He saw a need a filled it.

What we need is YOUR ideas, your dreams, your gadgets and plays, books and music, blogs and buildings.

We need you to show us what you can do, and we beg you to do it well, and then, perhaps, we might just buy it in bucket loads.

That’s what we need.

When can you deliver?

(This idea is based on an idea 
found in Seth Godin’s book 
What to Do when it’s Your Turn, 
Pages 150-151)

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, March 6, 2017

Are You Over-Occupied

Is there ever enough?  Our lives are crammed to the ceiling with activities, sports events, entertainment of every stripe imaginable, and we continually go-go-go. 

The advice comes down and it tells us to drop some things.  After all, a person can’t be everywhere at once. 

We try anyway.  After all – we are super human … or so we think.

We won’t even entertain the idea of letting something go in our busy lives, otherwise, we’d be labeled as inferior to those who are still clutching, holding, hugging all the stuff and activities in their lives.  There is no way you’ve gonna call ME inferior.  Never in a million years!

We have been trained from early days that we must be beautiful, wealthy, look youthful … for we are never enough in our own right. 

What a rat’s race.

Stop the train and let me off.

I’m speaking in my small voice, for I want you to hear me loud and clear.

You are not inferior if you don’t have a
schedule scrammed to the gills.  You are not your busy schedule, nor the person who juggles more than he/she can handle, nor the person who attends every sporting event just because that is what the Mom down the street does. 

You are one unique, amazing man or woman.  Your worth is not in your busy-ness.  There is no glory in running till you are exhausted just so you can do it again tomorrow in an attempt to appear whole and ‘together’.

Do you really want to be whole and ‘together’?  Take time for you.  And do what we’ve heard from childhood – stop along the way and smell the roses.

I have no desire to keep up with the Kardashians, but I do seek to spend some GREAT moments with my wife.  We can do ‘nothing’ and have the time of our lives.  We find those ‘nothing’ moments when eating a slow breakfast at a new place, savoring the coffee, laughing and teasing and talking about everything and anything.

We love walking down Sunset.  There are a couple of yards that have some amazing rose bushes and we often stop and literally smell the roses.

We marvel at the water view across the Puget Sound as we watch the tide coming in or out. 

We are trying our best to live into these precious moments of life.

Oh, we could be somewhere, doing something.  There are about ten movies I haven’t seen yet, and blogs that are in my head to be written, and CB could be making a dozen phone calls – but for those quiet moments in time, we just agree to BE.  We are safe and content in each other’s presence. 

We are presently occupied with doing nothing, and that makes us very happy indeed.

This post is based on an idea found in Christianity Today February 2017, Page 39) The actual quote is: 
“The implication is that if we’re not over-occupied, we are inferior to those who are.  As with all law-based barometers of self-worth (beauty, wealth, influence, youth, etc) there is no enough.”

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
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