Monday, October 9, 2017


I have a very nice microphone to the right of my desk.  I’ve had it for four years, and just recently decided to take advantage of the opportunity this mic affords me.  I’ve launched my podcast.

It’s a $100 microphone.  And it’s an opportunity to spread my version of Up-Words to those who will listen. 

I’ve had jobs presented to me as “opportunities”, and projects on the job presented as such. 

What opportunity is starring you in the face?  What tool in your toolbox could open up a thousand doors if used and exploited?

I know a violinist who is second fiddle with the Seattle Symphony.  He could have held out and said, “No way.  If I can’t be first fiddle, then I won’t fiddle at all.”  Instead, he says, “I love playing second fiddle.  I get to make harmony, and I love playing.  So, bring on all the second fiddle opportunities you want.”

You can hold out for a TITLE if you want, and you may miss some opportunities disguised as 2nd fiddle.  Beware, every opportunity, large or small, important or seemingly insignificant, is nevertheless an opportunity to lead us on down the road to our own personal best and personal fulfillment.

Bring on that opportunity and let me see what I can make of it.

P Michael Biggs
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