Monday, May 23, 2016

ABR (Always Be Reading

Honestly, the title says it all. 


A person can learn a lot from reading.  Seriously?!

I am a reader.  I have five books to my left as I write this, and I am dipping into all of them from time to time.  And often I’ll stop reading, grab a pen and my always handy Moleskin notebook and jot down significant ideas, words and phrases that jump out at me.

My library is one of the possessions I value the most.  My friends talk to me through my library, and some of them have been dead for a long time. 

I will resist prescribing books you should have in your library.  Really, just read what is of interest to you.

In a book I just finished, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon, we find this quote.

Read.  By all means … READ!

P Michael Biggs
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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Initiator

Initiators start things.  They are often the first ones in line.  They speak first in a greeting. 

They reach out their hand first to help.
Initiators do while others still mull.
They start.  Initiators start.

Initiators sign on the dotted line.

They build what they dream.
Initiators go out, find the way, the blaze a new trail to where they want to be.

So you won’t think I’m just all talk, here’s my story.  I am a writer who talked of writing for thirty years.  THIRTY YEARS!  That’s a long time to be all talk and no show.

One fine day I decided to be an initiator with my writing.  I began with one blog – ONE.  They have now grown to six blogs – one being a rhyming blog – and over 200,000 clicks.  And I have published four books.

I can’t encourage you to initiate unless I too initiate.

What have you initiated lately?

P Michael Biggs
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One Word at a Time

Monday, May 9, 2016

People Notice

I served a client today.  She casually commented how nice my partner and I were toward her and compared our manners and service to a branch down south that basically ignored her.  She was very complimentary and appreciative of our service and attentiveness.  She noticed.

Carolyn and I ate dinner recently at one of Edmond’s nicer restaurants.  Our waitress started out with less-than-impressive skills and demeanor.  We noticed instantly.

As we often do, we commented on her attitude and Carolyn said, “Let’s see if we can turn her before we leave.”

We did, she turned, and we enjoyed a fine dining experience. 

And we noticed the difference.

Sometimes we think no one notices our mindset, and we blow it off and blow them off and give them a less-than-stellar experience. 

But they notice.  You better believe they notice.

So, every new customer/client is a fresh opportunity to wow and impress. 

The jerk at the next table will probably always be a jerk, yet the new couple that just came in deserves a fresh smile and my best.

Let them notice our best.  They deserve it.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time

Monday, May 2, 2016

How I Got My Creativity Back

In order to tell my story, I have to use the personal pronoun a bit.  Thanks for understanding.

I’ve been blogging for 6 ½ years now.  Creativity is a huge card that I play or attempt to play time and again, for I write six blogs each week. 

My schedule is as follows: 
Early morning – do a social media promo for each blog
Before bed – do an extended social media promo for each blog

Monday        – write It’s All about People
Tuesday        – write The Almost a Minute
Wednesday  – write Steps and Skips
Thursday      – write Morning Notes
Saturday       – write Internet Church
Sunday          – write A Time for Rhyme

This is a grueling schedule, and I hold down a full-time job as a banker.  Needless to say, I need to fuel my creativity; therefore books are a huge part of my life as well.  So, I work into my nightly schedule some reading time.

Sometimes I get stale in my writing, and even lose my way. 

Carolyn and I just returned from a 12-day vacation to London.  I gave myself permission – YES – GAVE permission to not write or post or even check my readership numbers for 12 days.  I went into this time away as truly a vacation from writing.  I felt I needed to give my creativity a break.  That felt risky.  I had just recently reached a new plateau in readership clicks and I feared I would lose that momentum and some of that audience.

The creative miracle happened.  I eased back into things and have found a new vibrancy to my writing.  I regained my focus for Morning Notes particularly, and my poems have taken on a new and creative life of their own.  And my numbers are back in the ranges they were before the break.

Vacations work.  THEY WORK!

Really and truly – take your time away.  In October we will go away again for 10 days or so.  I intend to follow a similar path then as well.

You are the boss.  Take a break when you want.

And now, resume your normal and busy life.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
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Monday, April 25, 2016

Make a Start

Have you made a start lately?  The concept of “make a start” is another way of saying “I’ll try that.”

And I’ll try that has launched just about everything we see in our world today.

I talked of writing for thirty years before finally getting started.  One fine October day I “made a start” and now I’m approaching
200,000 clicks on my blogs. 

On the popular TV show Shark Tank we see many fine examples of individuals who finally “made a start’ and they are on their way to a satisfying and successful enterprise.

What is in your gut that continually asks you to “make a start”?  You won’t be discovered unless you do something about that itch.

Go ahead … MAKE A START!

Consider this as your permission slip.

P Michael Biggs
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One Word at a Time

Monday, April 18, 2016

What People Want

I’ll give it to you in a nutshell – people want connection.  They don’t want to be just another account number in your data base.  They don’t want to be one of many who shop in your grocery store.  They want recognition and connection.

I served Robin recently at work.  I called her by name and spoke to her four-year-old daughter Lilly.  She commented this way.  “That’s why I like coming here.  You go out of your way to know our names and speak to us.”

At the grocer near work I am known by five of their employees.  I feel I belong and matter to them.  The grocer near my home should take lessons.  I’ve been shopping there for ten years and I’m still unknown.

We want recognition.  We want to be identified and cherished, even for one brief moment. 

Oh the power of your name.  It is the handle by which you are known.  What a nice compliment it is when someone remembers our name and actually use it in conversation or greeting.

Sock this idea away, yet never get far from it.  People in your world want this whether they acknowledge it or not. 

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
One Word at a Time