Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You Must Believe

In the world of achievement and performance perhaps the most talked about quality is Belief.  For today, we will focus on that one fact.

Maxell Maltz wrote Psycho-Cybernetics over forty years ago, yet this classic book still speaks to us today. 

You have to believe you will get
what you are going for or you
will never get anything you go for.
~Dr. Maxwell Maltz

It all boils down to belief.  Are you a believer?

Is what you aim for within grasp, or is it pie-in-the-sky?  If I wanted to be a ballet dancer, that would be foolish thinking.  There is no way I could become a ballet dancer at this point in my life. 

However, if I wanted to become a published author, I can do that. 

If your goals and dreams are properly placed and stated, then with enough work, concentration, and focus I do believe you can achieve some measure of success as you pursue these goals and dreams.  

Just be sure and add the belief factor. 

You have to believe.  No room for unbelievers. 

Unbelievers fail.  They fall short.   They get lost on the trail.


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