Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Mindfulness is an important concept.  Let’s explore this idea.

Mindfulness deals with tuning into self and focusing on others.  We will consider both aspects.

Are you mindful of “self” and your needs, of what’s right and good for you, and how you care for yourself?

Can you tell when foods are good for you or which foods cause an interruption in your system?

Are you mindful of your key indicators for good health?

I recently had a reaction to a cholesterol prescription.  I didn’t need my doctor to tell me to quit taking it. I noticed the bad effect and made the change.

We are mindful of these things. 

Others Mindfulness 
Can you read body language?  This skill would stand you in good stead if you interact with people for a living.  Do you know buying signals?  Do you know rejection signals? 

What are the signals that your mate is happy, or sad, or wants to be left alone?

Mindfulness is not a hocus-pocus mystical trick.  Oh no.  It is a real fact of life and something we should tune into. 

Great comedians become experts at crowd mindfulness.  They know in a few seconds when a crowd is with them and into their routine, and if not, the better ones are quick to change gears and win the crowd, or they lose their appeal.

See the importance of mindfulness?

Wish I had three easy steps to more mindfulness that I could offer you.  You know what?  You’re smart enough to figure this one out for yourself.

Just become a noticer.  Analyze data, signals, responses, and you’ll become an expert in mindfulness in your world. 


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