Wednesday, May 8, 2013


People who find time to have reflective moments are onto something.  When we can take the time to quiet the noise of our world, we might be amazed with the quality and quantity of thoughts that begin surfacing during those quiet moments.  And they are known to continue throughout the day.

Dan Brown and Dr. Maxwell Maltz offer this idea in Psycho-Cybernetics:

“Spend 15 minutes a day in your mental foxhole.  Find time in your schedule that is simply for thought and reflection.  Make it your personal retreat space and preserve and protect this mental space and time.”

They call this: – PQT - Personal Quiet time

Dan tells of a man he knows who rented a small office fifteen minutes from his main office.  It was equipped with a comfortable chair, a lamp and table holding note pads and pen. 

As often as he could, this man would retreat to his PQT office and sit for fifteen-thirty minutes.  As he reflected, with the light off, he was seeking ideas and thoughts to enhance his life and business.  When an idea emerged, he turned on the light, wrote a quick outline of the idea, and then resumed his darkened retreat time.

Worth considering.

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