Saturday, September 8, 2018

Do We Leave Marks or Scars?

Do We Leave Marks or Scars?

What a ponderous question.  This should be a fun and short

When I use the word “mark”, I’m using it in the positive, most effective way possible.  If I leave a mark, that is a good thing.  I’ve done good work and someone’s life is marked by my presence and example to follow. 

I’ve had some significant men and women leave good marks on my life: College professors, co-workers, authors, a few films.  They have marked me in a way that none other could mark me.  Most recently was the film Won’t You Be My Neighbor.  Mr. Fred Rogers certainly marked the lives of many kids who grew up to become successful adults.  This film marked me in causing me to rethink what I do and re-freshened my objective in pursuit of being one who marks people for good.

On the other hand, one who leaves scars is not something I seek.  Scars are harsh reminders of something I’d rather not relive.

If we’re going to leave something behind, let it be marks of encouragement, esteem, faith and belief, and high and lofty ideals.

Something to think on,
in less than 60 seconds.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope

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