Saturday, March 17, 2018

What If You Can?

What If You Can?

On any given day, in any town, village or hamlet in the world, there will always be someone willing to come alongside you and say …

“You can’t do that.  You shouldn’t do it that

And hopefully, someone like me will come along soon after and say, “I heard what he/she said, but you know what?  I know you can.  What do you say?”

There is an abundance of talent inside you.  And I do subscribe to the idea that you can do more than you think you can do.  I know because this is happening to me.  I’ve had eight or nine different careers already in my lifetime.  And each career has required a different skill set, a different knowledge set.  And I have managed to survive in each of them. 

Let me be quick to point out that I did not pursue foolish, out-of-my-wheelhouse ideas like mathematics, belly dancing, tight rope walking, or other less desirable skills and careers. 

I choose jobs that closely matched where my heart and desires lay, and with careers that matched my own inner core of strengths and desires. 

The one skill you do need, however, is this … a strong belief in YOU as you pursue whatever it is you choose to pursue.

There are those two words again … choose and believe!  “I’ve written on both words a dozen times, and they are still critical factors. 

We have the power.  What are we going to do about it?

This is what is on my mind today.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope

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