Friday, March 30, 2018

People Buy the 'Why'

People Buy the ‘Why’

I don’t know where this idea came from first, however, this idea grabbed me just now.

“People buy why you do what you do.”

I have become an Apple products user.  It
started with an iPhone 6.  I was reluctant at first.  I had had a lot of success with and knew my old phone.  I don’t like change, and the iP6 was a bit more expensive. 

Bottom line – it worked flawlessly.  And I continued to upgrade.

I then graduated to a Mac Air laptop.  After using the other PCs on the market, I am now an avid Mac fan.  This has been the most trouble-free laptop I’ve ever owned, and I owned four of the other type prior to this one.

And now I’m an Apple watch wearer.  The small dude on my wrist just WORKS.  It really does, with no problems, no hassles.

And the amazing thing is this, all of these products work in synch with each other.

Okay, enough of singing Apple’s praises. 

Here’s the point.  Apple founder Steve Jobs and his successors, set out to build reliable, and extreme quality products.  I got tired of replacing my laptop every two-three years.  I got tired of the service on my cell phone gradually diminishing, loosing signal and a continually weakening battery.

I bought into Apple’s WHY!  In my own words – they said we build reliability, consistency, and usability. 

I like those whys. 

We all have a ‘why’ for what we do.  I do, and you do.  Do people buy your ‘why’?

I’m a writer. My ‘why’ is to offer hope, encouragement and inspiration to my readers.  That is why I exist. 

What is your ‘why’?

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope

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