Monday, November 6, 2017

Failure Is Not Shame-It's Learning

What is failure?  We all know part of that answer, don’t we?

Failure is missing a three-point conversion play in the final two minutes of the football game. 

Failure is losing a boat-load of money in a
business deal gone bad

Failure is a thousand other actions that do not bring the desired results.

But none of them are worthy of shame. 

~I have a weak heart that requires surgery to repair.  Am I to be shamed for this?
~President Trump hasn’t been successful in getting a lot of his promises in play after ten months as President.  Should he be shamed for that? 
~The Seahawks lost a close game yesterday?  I know, let’s shame them and call them bad names and curse them, even burn the 12-man flag.  That will teach them. 


Failure happens.  We sometimes lose.  We don’t hit our sales quota, we miss a sale to that eager buyer, we misunderstand our spouse in a critical relational moment.  Our bodies quit responding.  We fail.  We are not to be shamed for it.  It happens.

On the other side of these failures?  A learning moment.  What is the takeaway.  What can we do better the next time around?

Ah … that is the piece we need to understand.

Maybe, as Seth Godin says, “failure is required.  Failure in the service of learning, of experimenting, of making things – this is essential.”

Can you imagine shaming a six-month-old baby we are pushing to learn to walk?  No way.  It happens.  They fall down, we pick them back up. 

I think my point is made now. 

Final thought – be kind to yourself in this shaming issue as well.  You are not a superman or woman.  You will have off days, weak moments, and sometimes our bodies just don’t work as we wish.  The negative self-talk actually stops growth, it stops finding the good and right solutions.  Allow yourself a moment of grace, a moment of growth, and your body a moment of whatever it needs.

Maybe I failed.  So what.  I am not a failure.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration 

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