Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Are You an Original?

The title asks an important question, doesn’t it?  Are you an original?  And how do you answer this question?

Your finger prints are original and unique to
Your eye prints are also.
So is your voice pattern.
And how about your DNA?

I’ve written on this topic three other times, if you care to check them out.

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And in “Morning Notes” on October 14, 2013 I wrote a piece called Sometimes I Steal.

When it comes to talent development, I’m a thief … until I learn to make it my own, and then it becomes original. 

How else are we to become original?  We learn from others.  We copy.  We mimic. 

Paul McCartney of the Beatles once said, “I emulated Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis.  We all did.”

I love this.  Listen up.

~Johnny Carson tried to be Jack Benny and ended up being Johnny Carson.

~David Letterman tried to copy Johnny Carson but ended up being David Letterman.

~Conan O’Brien tried to be David Letterman but ended up being Conan O’Brien.

And by today’s standards we would all consider each of these individuals unique and original in their craft. 

As a young drummer, I listened to Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich and Joe Morello for hours at a time.  I would slow down their recordings to hear their drum licks and then emulate them.  Soon I was taking their style and making it my own.

Austin Kleon, in his book Steal Like an Artist, said this

I love what Goethe said: 

So, what do you love?  Then first borrow it.  In time, you’ll make it your own and then you will truly be an original.

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