Monday, June 12, 2017

Safe Vs. Dangerous

“NO” is safe.  It never takes us places, never introduces us to new people or new experiences.  "NO" never comes near exhilaration, it never tries for new vistas, new ideas, or new tastes in food or in books.

Saying “NO” is very safe. 

So, how long are you going to continue saying “NO”?

“YES”, on the other hand, could be dangerous.  It could make us expose our best ideas, our best intent, our best resources.  “YES” might be dangerous. 

~“YES” makes us write and publish books and blogs. 
~“YES” makes us write and sing original songs.
~“YES” makes us paint and draw and then show it to others in our world.

“YES” can take us places – exciting places and spaces, new foods, new sights, new venues, new ideas, interesting people, and the ‘ride of a lifetime’.

Yes, “YES” can be dangerous. 

It can hurt, if we open ourselves up to things like love, and new people, and creativity, and attempting the start of dreams.

“YES” can be dangerous.

And we’ll never know, will we, if we don’t go where danger lives.  We just might find a happy place.  We just might find a match for our heart, our dreams, our longings.  It may lie just on the other side of dangerous.

I would rather know what I can and cannot do than to play it safe and always wonder.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
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