Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Really Appreciate You

 We recently spent a week in Kona, Hawaii.  In one of the shops we frequented we were given this bookmark.

Four simple, sledge-hammer words that still work today.

They open hearts.
They strengthen friendships.
They cement marriages.
They endear customers.

This mindset takes me back to what I know.

Every person alive 
wants to be recognized 
and validated.

We want to connect and become more than just the next cash register ticket, or the next dollar profit on your bottom line.

This smart young business owner who passes out these markers knows this.  That is why Carolyn specifically went back to him and made a few purchases.  He appreciated us and we wanted to appreciate him back.

Appreciation works.

Say the words.

This is what is on my mind today. 

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