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Don't Leak

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Do you ever leak?  What a funny question.  By that, I mean do you ever leak enthusiasm?  Do you ever lose your enthusiasm, especially after a failure? 

I suppose we all do at one time or another. 

You see – sometimes we leak – we leak energy and ideas and the ability to see the possibilities of our future after a fall.  We can easily get into a mental funk and get down on ourselves, or feel we are a total flop.  That is when we need to stop the leaks and rebuild our energy and idea tank.

Mr. Churchill says it well:

Boy did this guy have a few problems. Check this out. 
-In ’32 he was defeated for state legislature
-In ’33 he failed in business
-In ’35 his sweetheart died
-In ’36 he had a nervous breakdown
-In ’38 he was defeated for Speaker
-In ’43 he was defeated for nomination to
-In ’48 he lost re-nomination
-In ’49 he was rejected for land officer
-In ’54 he was defeated for US Senator
-In ’56 he was defeated for nomination for VP
-In ’58 he was again defeated for US Senator

And in 1860, the man who signed his name A. Lincoln was elected the 16th President of the United States. 

I once met Paul Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute.  He told a group of us once that he had started over 130 companies in his lifetime.  Sixty-five of those had failed.  The man was unstoppable. He found a way to stop the leak of enthusiasm and self-confidence. He plugged the holes and kept going. 

The great question is this – What does it take to stay encouraged?
Here’s my formula:

~Analyze what went wrong and what you can do differently

~Read and listen to great thought gurus that you like and trust

~Spend some quality time in thinking with no distractions

~Hold forth two affirmations – I approve of myself and I believe in myself

One of the great quotes in my files is this:

So what if you leak.
Patch up, sit up, fill up – repeat, repeat, repeat!

And then do the thing you intended to do with fresh eyes.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
Encouragement Inspiration
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