Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wholeness Meets Perfection

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What do wholeness and perfection have to do with one another?  Probably not much. 

We pursue perfection in all its many colors and varieties, sizes and shapes.  We chase it, we plan for it, we scheme for it, and the beat goes on.

And do we find it?  Is perfection really attainable?  And once we achieve our visualized version of perfection are we then a whole and complete human being? 

Probably not for long.

Oops.  I fell.  The fall could have been a physical stumble or a moral one; it could have been an oversight or an outright lie.  What happens to “PERFECTION” then?

As human beings we need to consider this, and perhaps give ourselves some slack.  This quote helps me immensely.

“Wholeness does not mean perfection;
it means embracing brokenness
as an integral part of life.”
~Parker Palmer

In all my years of living, I may have put in ten minutes of perfection.  Yes, ten minutes.  Well, maybe eight hours if you count while I sleep, and that is on a good night. 

But the idea is this … we know we are broken people.  Perhaps it is what we do with our brokenness that is the determining factor.  Maybe it is the dawning of the age of “embracing our brokenness.” 

Perhaps we are reaching a point in our thinking when we say “I have not been perfect and I will never be perfect, yet I still accept myself.”  “I may never get it ‘right’ but I like how I try and try and try again.  As long as I have a will to try, I think I can embrace every circumstance in my life, and that means my broken side as well.”

This is what is on my mind today.

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