Tuesday, September 6, 2016

For What Are You Known

When people think of you, your brand, or your place of business, what do they immediately think of?

Tonight as Carolyn and I drove around our small town we started listing the things that make some of the restaurants memorable.

Restaurant A has good oatmeal
Restaurant B has amazing coffee with heavy cream
Restaurant C has incredible burgers
Restaurant D has the best Italian food
Restaurant E has lousy coffee (even lousy coffee is memorable)

And we added a few others. 

You see, people know things about your business and about you that they may never verbalize to your face or put on a customer survey, yet you are being rated and judged based on their perception of you.

And so it is with us as individuals.

~I think people perceive of me as an 
~My friend Ruth has never been happy in any 
   job she has held for as long as I have known 
~John is a thinker.
~Walt is always ready to help someone in
~Louie is lazy.
~Mary is resourceful.
~Aileen is an amazing cook.
~Don’t eat what Lucy cooks.

You see the pattern.  People make judgements about us too.

My point …

Get in touch with yourself and make sure your persona matches what you aim to give off.

Make sure your business is true to the impressions you set out to leave in people’s minds.

And if you fall short?

Do some research.  If you are a restaurant, ask your customers how they like your coffee?  Do you like the way I fry your bacon?  If there was one thing I could to do improve my business and get you to come here more often, what would you say?

Maybe what you are known for is not what you want to be known for.

Perhaps you can improve on that.


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