Monday, November 30, 2015

What Child Indeed

It is interesting to ponder the baby who became a King.  He was brought into the world into such humble settings.  His place of birth was less than wonderful.  His first swaddling left much to be desired.  His first visitors were farm animals, and then came shepherds fresh from the fields. 

Not a very exciting way to welcome THE KING, was it? 

His birth surprised the establishment of the day as well.  They were looking for a deliverer. 

          Instead they got a baby.

They were looking for a warrior to overcome their oppressors. 

          Instead they got a baby.

They were looking for a hero.

          Instead they got a baby.

But most of all they got love.

Ponder the child in the manger. 

Love expressed in the most wholesome, beautiful way.

Love expressed in innocence.

Love expressed in cries in the night, just like the sounds any normal baby would offer.

Love expressed through a lifestyle of peace, compassion, caring, passion. 

Never before had the world seen
such a life, nor would we ever see it
again in such a pure state.

This baby, this little one named Jesus grew to become …

Well, what do you need this Christ Child to be in your world?

Do you need …
A friend?                          He is.
A healer?                          He is.
A savior?                          He is.
A comforter?                    He is.
A model of integrity?       He is.
A pathfinder?                    He is.
A protector?                      He is.

 What child is this?

Indeed, what child is this!

P Michael Biggs
Offering Words of Hope
At Christmas

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