Monday, November 2, 2015

Just Go Make Stuff

(Just for the record, this post is purely and simply a motivational and inspirational post.  After reading this I want you to take some kind of action or make some kind of commitment to yourself and go make something.)

Okay, let’s start.

You do not need permission to live the creative life.  You do not need to wait on a sign, or have the ‘right’ person come to you and invite you into the creative process.  You just need to do that thing you’ve longed to do. 

Who cares if people like it, buy it, read it, listen to it or praise it?  All that matters is you give life to some creative spark inside of you that needs expression.

I have six blogs that I write weekly.  One of them, A Time for Rhyme (Click this link), is a short, sometimes humorous, often silly muse that expresses some insight from the comical and offbeat side of my mind.  When I promote this site on social media I often make fun of these poems with some kind of snide remark about “don’t laugh too much”, “don’t take this too seriously” etc.

When I started, I wanted to make sure those who would venture to this poem site knew and understand that this was a bunch of nonsense.  Most people got that, yet I still got a few comments about ‘don’t give up your day job’. 

The point is this – this site pleases me.  It allows creativity in a new direction from anything I’ve ever attempted.  I like what is going on here and honestly, that is all that matters.  What is amazing is that this site often out-performs my other sites on some days, and that is simply confirmation that I am following my creative heart.

My word for you - Just go make stuff.
Live the creative life. 

You don’t need a reason and you don’t need permission.

If you do need permission, I am officially giving you permission to go and create something just for the heck of it.

The end beginning!

P Michael Biggs
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Encouragement Inspiration
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