Monday, December 7, 2015

Give Love This Christmas

If you are running out of ideas for things to do this Christmas, consider this.

Last night we had four of our grand-kids over for dinner.  After feasting on Carolyn’s homemade meat loaf, we did a simple craft time of everyone water-coloring their own picture, and then moved in by the fireplace.  A nice blaze was warming the room.

I read a few Christmas stories and then went around the room and gave each one present a few words of esteem.  I brought out character traits I see, positive growth and maturity, beauty, kindness expressed toward others.  You get the idea.

For two or three minutes each person in the room was the focus of attention and received the gift of hearing what they are good at doing and a forecasting of what I hoped for each one.

It was a magical evening.  I left there with a warm glow in my heart for having shared in the lives of those special people.

Those around you need to hear that too, Mom and Dad.  Pause long enough occasionally to let those nearest and dearest know just how much they mean to you and what wonderful traits you see and sense in each one.

Merry Christmas.

P Michael Biggs
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