Monday, November 9, 2015

Are You Gonna Get Better

A quick story:  Earl Weaver, former coach of the Baltimore Orioles, was famous for running out to the umpire and complaining about the calls he disagreed with. 

One day he stormed out and said, “Is this as good as it’s going to be or are you gonna get any better?”

I don’t know about you but I’m all about getting better.  That is why I read from a variety of authors and on different subjects.

That is why I like alone time.  I often need to go within and analyze where I am, what I’m thinking and where I want to go.  And I want to be a better writer and observe other writers at their finest.

That is why I like listening to other’s opinions and views.  A person can learn a lot if we listen with critical ears.  That doesn’t mean we agree, but it does help us sharpen our thinking skills.

I want to get better; therefore, I am willing to invest in my education after my degree.

Let’s get better. 

There is still time.

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