Friday, July 19, 2013

Treat Self Well

Have you ever met someone who always found a way to put you down and put you in your place?  They seemed to have a knack for making others feel small.

I hate that feeling. 

To borrow from Kevin Hall’s book Aspire, we find this:

You should never treat another person in a manner that
would make them feel small.  And that means yourself.

Kevin introduces us to the word - GENSHAI (Pronounced GEN-Shy) 

When we have been subjected to a less-than-esteeming experience in our growing up years perhaps we have developed a limited self-image.  We have a tendency to put ourselves down and our self-talk is often full of negative dialog rather than the positive side.  We sometimes major on what we can’t do and can’t be rather than the abundant possibilities before us.

I want to respect myself enough to see all of these possibilities.  I want to live a large, out loud life – not in a bad way, but in a positive, esteeming way.  I want to explore myself and find out all that I am capable of becoming.

Let us march boldly into the land of GENSHAI - the land of self-respect and self-belief.

P Michael Biggs
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