Monday, July 29, 2013

I Choose to Become

This is a timeless idea of which I need continual reminding.

“I am not what has happened to me.
I am what I choose to become”
~Brene Brown

You do see that this is an attitude thing, right?  “Stuff” happens all the time.  It is how we choose to respond that makes the difference. 

I pity the person who has never struggled a day in his/her life.  Really, does such an individual exist? 

The idea of “I choose” strikes me as critical in this scenario.  “I CHOOSE.”

We are human beings with a mind that still confounds the scientists as to exactly how it functions.  Two individuals, exposed to the exact same circumstances and situations in life can turn out so differently from each other.  The only difference that is worth accounting for is what goes on in each person’s mind.

One chooses hope.
One chooses loss and rejection, or whatever …

I am choosing to be a becomer.  There’s room for you too.

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