Friday, July 5, 2013


Respect is one of those words we like to toss around and even apply to ourselves.  The bigger question is this” - Are we worthy of respect?

And if not, why not?

People will follow you if they respect you.  That is short and simple.

Have you ever lied to an employee in the past?  Chances are you’ve lost respect.

Have you ever stolen even a seemingly innocent item, and had an employee watch you take it?  Chances are you lost respect.

I had a boss tell me some contrary information once on an issue to which I already knew the correct answer.  He misled me and told me it couldn’t be done. 

Respect is HUGE in the daily living of our lives.  We earn respect, but never demand it.

Respect is closely tied to Integrity. 

They go hand in hand. 

Tie yourself to them – become a person worth knowing.

P Michael Biggs
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