Monday, April 29, 2013

The Belly-Button Rule

The belly-button rule is simply stated in a few words –

Turn your belly button toward the one 
to whom you are speaking. 

Former President Bill Clinton was famous for this behavior. 
He had a way about him that made people want to engage and they felt special, esteemed, and listened to.  He turned toward the person to whom he was speaking.

If I turn away from you when engaged in a conversation that signals that I’m not really into our conversation and I’m not interested in whatever it is you have to say.

If you are in the people business this is a good rule to remember.  Turn your belly button toward people if you want to appear interested and hold their interest. 

If you don’t care, give them you back and walk away.  Of course, you would then be labeled as an unworthy individual and your sales and personal relationships will plummet.

Who would have thought that a simple body position such as this would matter?

P Michael Biggs
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