Wednesday, April 17, 2013

10 Ways to Stimulate Imagination - Pt 2

From Psycho-Cybernetics, by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, with revisions by Dan Kennedy, we finish our series on these pertinent thoughts on sparking the imagination.

This is the second in this two-part series.

6-Imagine Performing Perfectly
Dr. Maltz says, “Always imagine yourself performing perfectly.  Realize excellent results in the present tense." 

The mindset is “I am doing …” not “I want to do ...”

7-Resist Left Brain Interruption
The left brain will often want to dominate.  In order to tune into our creativity side, we have to quiet the left brain – logical, facts and figures side.  The left brain is great at lists, schedules, filling out forms, 

Allow your right brain with its picture mindset, emotional sparks and sensory instincts to dominate when attempting to stimulate the imagination.

8-Use Instant Replay
What have you done right in the past?  Use those images and relive those experiences as examples to build upon in creating new imagined scenarios. 

9-Mental Movies and Mental Rehearsal
Movies of the mind is a buzz phrase to describe this concept.  And as Denis Waitley and others encourage, use perfect practice when playing your movie.  Picture yourself performing a flawlessly gold medal routine.  It works.

10-Capture Great Ideas
Many of the greats keep some kind of capture net handy for the times that ideas strike.  For me, it is an ever present Moleskin pocket-size book.  Others use digital recorders on smart phones.  Key idea – use what works for you to capture the idea before it flies away.

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