Friday, March 8, 2013

Forgive Self

Some critical concepts ahead – go slowly, read carefully and take them to heart. 

If you make a mistake, or a dozen mistakes in life, remember this –

“You have made a mistake.
You are not a mistake.”
Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Everyone – EVERYONE stumbles and falls occasionally.  And the secret to overcoming is to stand up, brush yourself off and move own down the road. 

I’ve used this quote before:

“Just because you made a mistake
doesn't mean you are a failure.”

How about “Five Practical Steps of Self forgiveness
1.     Acknowledge and understand your feelings of guilt. Face up to them.  Don’t deny them.  Sit down and try to have an honest straight-forward dialogue with yourself
2.    Determine to clean the slate, to put the situation attached to the guilt behind you as best you can.  Commit to a brief time period, day, week, monthly, during which you will take all of the corrective actions you can, then you will free yourself from it once and for all. 
3.    Take corrective action.  Apologize, make amends, repay,
4.    Give yourself a kind eye treatment.  See yourself as the good descent person you are who made a mistake.
5.    Strengthen your commitment to meaningful goals and focus on their achievement. 
Taken from Psycho Cybernetics
By Dr. Maxwell Maltz

Bad actions do not equal bad person

P Michael Biggs
Offering Up-Moments
One Moment at a Time

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