Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Year - A Blank Page

2010 is here! What is it going to be like for you?

I like the beginning of any new year. We get a fresh page on which to write anything we want. We can create, dream, plan and go anywhere we want to go with a clean sheet.

As usual, I first reflect back on the year just closed. I keep meticulous records of our expenses and can tell you to the penny how much we spent on every line item of recurring expenses, as well as for groceries, meals eating out, clothes, dry cleaning, gas for our automobiles and other expenses. I also review my past journals and remember and reflect on the stuff of life that we have experienced in the past. Sometimes I laugh out loud at the situations in which I found myself, but mostly I’m trying to learn from the past and make my future better and more productive.

Questions I usually ask are:
How can I esteem my wife more?
How can I improve my relationships in my family?
How can I improve my relationship with God?
How can I improve my serve with my fellow human beings?
Where can I cut corners in spending?
What new ventures will I pursue?
What goals have I been pursuing that are worthwhile and should still be pursued?
What goals and dreams should I stop pursuing or have become obsolete?
How can I improve my life, my relationships, and my future?

Keep adding to this list of starter questions if you wish.

To me, a new year is one big do-over. Remember doing that as a child? Maybe you missed a fly ball hit right into your glove, or you fell down just as you neared the finish line and you cried out “do-over!”

So, let’s do over in 2010. Some quality thinking time alone is a great way to begin this process. Let your imagination run wild, with nothing being off limits. What are your wants, wishes, and wanna-be dreams? What did you nearly accomplish in 2009 that you want to do better at in 2010?

I’m making my list and checking it twice. Join me. It’s a journey that will take you places you might not otherwise see and experience.

Michael Biggs is a speaker, writer, speech coach and vocal soloist. He lives in Edmonds, WA. with his wife Carolyn. His company is called Up-Words, “Offering Hope, Encouragement, and Inspiration One Word at a Time”. Michael’s business experiences include Director of Sales and Director of Marketing for three music publishing companies, Regional Director for Sylvan Learning Centers, and success in sales in retail, insurance and real estate. He is available to speak to your business or organization. Please contact him at 206-349-1888 or email him at

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