Friday, December 25, 2009

A Candlelight of Love

We attended a Christmas Eve service tonight with about 1200 others in Seattle. At the end of the service we passed the light that originated from the Christ candle. Watching the light spread reminded me of the power of love spreading. I made a renewed commitment to spread the light of love from my heart to others with whom I rub elbows this coming year.

I noticed that as the light was spread throughout the congregation, the room was filled with light so bright that each face glowed with the warmth and brightness of all of those love lights. One small candle with one tiny flame, reaching out and touching other candles brightened each face and each dark corner of that large church.

Light crushes darkness
Light chases gloom.
Light dispels despair.
Light shows the way.
Light replaces fear.
Light welcomes.
Light invites.
I want to do a lot more spreading of the light of love.

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