Thursday, January 7, 2010

Three Feet from Gold - A Great Read!

There is a new book out called Three Feet from Gold by Sharon L. Lechter, CPA and Greg S. Reid that is a “must read” for those of us who desire to accomplish great and important things with our lives. Written in story-book form, this book is based on the success classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and succinctly captures the essence of many of Mr. Hill’s principles. Let me share with you ten of the nuggets found in this remarkable new book.

The most common cause of failure is quitting.
(Lechter et. al, p. 21)

To succeed you must have stick-ability.
(Lechter et. al, p. 26)

Never make a major decision in a valley.
(Lechter et. al, p. 33)

A dream is just a dream until it is written down. Only then does it become a goal.
(Lechter et. al, p. 34)

Focus on your people more than your profits.
(Lechter et. al, p. 71)

Every wealth creator is crystal clear about two things: a vision and a mission.
(Lechter et. al, p. 105)

People doubt their beliefs,
But believe their doubts.
Believe in yourself,
And the world will believe in you.

(Lechter et. al, p. 124)

You must believe it before you can see it.
(Lechter et. al, p. 127)

Never let mistakes define who you are.
(Lechter et. al, p. 171)

Don’t quit five minutes before the miracle happens.
(Lechter et. al, p. 199)

The authors interviewed many of today’s most successful people and gleaned these nuggets from their conversations with these icons in today’s business and professional world. You’ll hear from sports legends, business experts, entertainers and a great host of others who have made their mark by successfully following a set of principles laid down by Mr. Hill and others before him.

If you only read one book this year, I suggest that you choose this one. With more than sixty such nuggets included in this book, I’ve included only ten that most inspire me. This is the kind of book that I’ll read at least once per year for years to come.

To order your copy, visit the Up-Words Bookstore link featured on the right hand side of this blog at the top. Three Feet from Gold is on page one of my book listings and can be ordered simply by clicking on the book and adding it to your shopping cart.

Happy Reading!!!

Michael Biggs is a speaker, writer, speech coach and vocal soloist. He lives in Edmonds, WA. with his wife Carolyn. His company is called Up-Words, “Offering Hope, Encouragement, and Inspiration One Word at a Time”. Michael’s business experiences include Director of Sales and Director of Marketing for three music publishing companies, Regional Director for Sylvan Learning Centers, and in retail sales and management, insurance and real estate. He is available to speak to your business or organization. Please contact him at 206-349-1888 or email him at

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