Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Greetings

From Michael & Carolyn Biggs

The tree is up,
the decorations sparkle,
the lights are glowing,
the sights and smells
of the season abound,
the wish lists are posted,
and anticipation is everywhere!

Peace on earth
Food for the hungry
Warmth for the cold
Rest for the weary
Safety in your travels
Jobs for the unemployed
Economic recovery for all
Light for those in darkness
Companionship for the lonely
Restoration of relationships
Good health for the suffering
Resolutions for the world’s ills
Peace in every area of your life
Encouragement for the discouraged
Grace to endure our human weaknesses
Generous people to help the less fortunate

The blessing of family
The blessing of faith
The blessing of love
The blessing of hope
The blessing of joy
The blessing of music
The blessing of peace
The blessing of giving
The blessing of sharing
The blessing of friends

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