Monday, April 9, 2018



Just today I rediscovered my childhood drum hero from the group called The Ventures.  His name was Mel Wilson.  As I listened to their songs it took me back to Lewisburg, Tennessee and my early drumming days.  I’d sit and listen to Mel play Wipeout and then emulate his drum licks.  Oh my, that is better than steak and eggs.  He influenced me and my drumming style.

A few years ago, I watched a YouTube clip of Joe Morello and the Dave Brubeck quartet playing Take Five.  Again, the same.  I lived on that song as a teen drummer for a long while.  It influenced me, my drumming and my musicianship.

Consider the power of influences.  They are a
strong force, my friend.  They can lead us to the dark side or the light side.  (Thank you, Star Wars.)

Makes me think of my own ability to influence.  I had a man write me a letter a few years ago.  He wrote in part, “Of all the good influences in my life, you were the first.” 

This man, when a teenager, was in my youth group in Albuquerque.  I never knew at that time the power of whatever influence I might have been exerting.  I am so thankful some good came of those times. 

I have my influencers in my life.  Two Jim’s, a Ronn, Bob, and a dozen others.  I bear the marks of their great and good influence down through the years. 

People watch us, and they pick up ‘things’ from us – habits, character traits, consistency, weaknesses, out-of-character moments; we leave impressions. 

I want to be a good, yea, great influence wherever I go, with every word I write and speak.

Be careful … your influence is showing.

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope

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