Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Injury Isn't the End

Injury Isn’t the End

We’re watching the Olympics.  I’ve lost count of how many athletes have had injuries in their recent past, yet they are in the Olympics.  Some even competing in spite of some elements of their injury still present.

I broke my left arm at age nine.  I am here and
it is fully functioning. 

My point … injury isn’t the end. 

How many of us have been wounded, yes, injured by relationships, emotional traumas, broken hearts, broken dreams? 

And yet, life didn’t end.  We picked up the pieces that lay before us and we moved on. 

I love that!

Somehow … somewhere within, we find the strength to keep going.  We recover and we move on. 

That is the raw ingredient of a most inspirational re-write of any success story in the world.

Make a recovery out of your injury.

P Michael Biggs
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