Monday, May 15, 2017

Danger Is a Lousy Reason to Stop

"The freeways are dangerous.  I have twelve miles to drive to work.  I think I should quit."

"I tried ice skating once.  It was dangerous.  I fell and could have seriously hurt myself.  Dangers lurked everywhere on the ice." 

"I want to open my new business, but I might go bankrupt.  And employees might steal from me, and I might get sued, and I might fail, and I might …"

Yes indeed.  Dangers lurk everywhere. 

And so do the possibilities of accomplishment.  Notice I used the word “accomplishment”. 

You and I just might make some progress in the face of dangerous “things” out there. 

There lie our marching orders.  We do the “thing” because our thirst for accomplishment overrides our fear of failure and danger.

This is an important picture.  Rest your eyes on it.

The fishermen know 
that the sea is dangerous 
and the storm terrible, 
but they have never found 
these dangers sufficient reason 
for remaining ashore.
Vincent Van Gogh

P Michael Biggs
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