Monday, March 20, 2017

Are You Thirsty

Thirsty people make a difference. 

Thirsty people ask questions like why, how come, what happens then, what if … oh my, they ask a lot of what if questions.

Are you thirsty?  Thirsty people form habits –
habits of shipping, of pressing play, of publishing, of going it alone if necessary. 

Oh, we don’t have to be thirsty.  We can accept the normal mindset, the usual, the expected.  We can continue to accept things as they are, and miss a whole passel of possibilities.

We could do that, I suppose. 

We could let fear kill our thirst.  
Broken promises kill thirst for sure. 
And people have even been punished for being thirsty – for asking questions.

Sometimes schools and universities kill thirst by focusing on grades and not on the learning process. 

But you and I are thirsty.  We seek new information in different places.  We read from a variety of sources, authors and magazines that sometimes challenge and stretch us. 

We are thirsty. 

Come along.  Let’s be thirsty together.

We are not threatened by the new, the obscure source, or the out-of-bounds idea.  We are thirsty people after all.

We don’t swallow every drink that comes along, but we taste, we hold it in our mouths, we swish it around, we sniff it out, we sample and see how it goes down.  We’re not careless, but we are curious.

And of course, we spit it out when necessary. 

I like thirsty.  Thirsty is a game-changer.  

Are you thirsty, too?

P Michael Biggs
Offering Hope
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