Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Difference Between Looking and Seeing

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There is a difference between looking and seeing.  And for our purposes, this is what I mean.

Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World was one of my writing heroes.  Though he is now gone, I still desire to see as he saw, but I don’t want to look like he looks.  I’m sure you understand the difference.  

I would make a lousy cutout copy of Og Mandino in the physical flesh.  However, if I could see with his insight what this world needs in words and thoughts, then I would be happy in my calling. 

Note this.
You don’t want to 
look like your heroes, 
you want to see 
like your heroes.

And how does your hero see?  What influences has he or she had that has given them the unique perspectives that they possess?  Ah, that is the thing to ponder.  What has caused their vision, their slant on their field of expertise to be so intense, so acute. 

I want to see what other men and women of greatness see.  I don’t want to look like them – no, no.  I want to see like them.  I think, perhaps, we should read more biographies and life stories of the greats to gain a glimpse of their vision; not their eyesight, but their vision.

This is what is on my mind today.

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