Monday, February 15, 2016

Don't Fear Failure

After a lifetime of putting my hand to a variety of careers I’ve dimmed the effects of failure somewhat.  That is why I can embrace this thought and encourage you to do the same.  

Where is the crime in failure?  Unless it is truly a criminal act, there is no crime in failing.  Read this:

Ah, I think we are on to something here.  Maybe our efforts have revolved around low aim, and that is a waste.  

I am taking a bite out of the writing world.  Want to know what my lofty goal is?  I want to write the blog heard around the world.  I want to write words of hope. encouragement and inspiration that speak to the heart and soul of mankind.  

I don’t always write a zinger of a post.  Sometimes my thoughts ramble, and I occasionally use the wrong tense and mix the tenses in my sentences, and sometimes I’ve let a few typos slip by. Nevertheless, my aim is firmly in mind.  My goals have not diminished.  

I may fail along the way, but I’m rising back up, brushing myself off and trying again in my march to write something that will outlast me.  

In my early days as a writer I feared pushing the “PUBLISH” button every time.  I was so afraid I might say something stupid, or have glaring errors that people would laugh at.  

No more.  

In my many attempts to be a writer, I’m had some amazing moments when my words have resonated with my audience, and they have let me know how meaningful something is that I wrote.  

I may fail tonight in writing this, but look what I learn with every stroke of the keys and every flash of insight that comes my way. 

I just don’t want to aim low and be a success.  

P Michael Biggs
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