Monday, January 11, 2016

When You Fall, Get Back Up

I talked to my friend David today.  He lost his job in early December.  He is hot on the trail of two job possibilities as I write this. 

He fell, but he got back up.

I know at least 24 people who have gone
through a divorce.  “Gone through” is a significant turn of a phrase, for that is exactly what they have done, and they have come out on the other side and are making their lives in new and different ways.

They fell, but they got back up.

My friend Mark is in a new job.  He faces a learning curve every day with all the new computer programs he has to learn, new rules, new governmental guidelines and new skills that are demanded of him.  He told me recently he has fallen
often, but he keeps getting back up.  He reaches out to his work partner, Tom, who patiently teaches him where he went off course and how to get back on course.

Mark has fallen often, but he keeps getting back up.

Do you fall sometimes?  Do you stay down in your fallen state or do you rise up and try again?

That is the secret isn’t it? 

We rise up after a fall.

I like that a whole lot.

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