Monday, January 18, 2016

A 'No Rudder' Day

Today is a ‘no rudder day’ for me.  I am at home, alone, and have the whole day to myself.  It is to be a day of creating and so I have chosen to create with no rudder in hand.

Often, during my writing sessions, I have a specific blog site in mind that needs attention, or one of my future books on which I need to focus. 

Instead, here is what I’m doing.  On my computer, only one file is open – Blog Ideas.  As I read through these ideas that I have been capturing now for six years I am allowing my mind to be tossed about like a rudderless ship.  I have no sense of direction, no agenda, and don’t care if I write a poem, a short piece, or a life changing piece.

My objective for these moments is to free-float and free-form.  Already, after thirty minutes, I’ve written a poem, and two short blog posts that will see the light of day at some point in the future.

Now hold this idea loosely.  I’m not saying this is a life-style change for me.  I believe in rudders to guide us, goals to aim for, and dreams to build. 

However, sometimes I need a free-float day – a day to create with no strings attached. 

Sometimes, on our Saturday or Sunday outings, Carolyn and I will start our day with no agenda and no destination in mind.  We drive, we stop when we want, we eat when and where we want, we read or not … and you get the idea.  And in the doing nothing we sometimes create our best moments.

So that is what I’m doing in this moment of creativity.  I’m doing nothing but floating without a rudder.  I’m just wandering and wondering where my imagination will take me next.

This little side-trip is almost at an end.  Perhaps tomorrow I’ll take another ‘no-rudder’ adventure of the mind.

See ya!

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