Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We Notice

We notice.  Maybe you don’t think you do, but you do.

We notice when people smile or not.
We notice the treatment we receive in grocery and retail stores.

Let me explain.  On Sunday Carolyn and I went searching for a particular piece of furniture for our bedroom. 

Our best experience was in the first store we visited.  He was knowledgeable, he listened, and he showed us a very close example of what we were seeking. 

The second store clerk tried, but failed.  She kept showing us pieces that we had no interest in at all.  They were far from the mark of our original need and interest.  She didn’t listen. 

The third clerk was nice enough, but her worse offense was a most unpleasant case of bad breath. 

In a couple of stores, we waited longer than was prudent before being approached with a greeting and an offer to help.  We showed all the signs of needing help.  We walked in with purpose.  We looked around trying to get a sense of exactly where the furniture was that we were seeking.  And we had money to spend.

You see – we noticed.  We noticed the presentation from greeting to listening to seeing to leaving.

What do people notice about you?  Your smile?  Your kind and appropriate words?  Your confidence in presentation?  You pleasant breath or lack thereof?

Make no mistake – we notice the little things that can lead to buying confidence and trust in you as a reliable and knowledgeable person.

P Michael Biggs
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