Saturday, April 25, 2015

Not All Chocolate Is Created Equal

I love a great hot chocolate.  The store-bought package mixes don’t compare to a great little specialty coffee place near here.  Same name – “hot chocolate” – different worlds. 

All Mexican food is not the same.  We are discovering our favorites of favorites and will stick to those.

My writing has its own brand.  I can’t write like James Paterson or any others who might be “greats” but I can write like me.  And so I do.

What we are talking about here is “branding”.  You have a brand as a company, as a restaurant and as a human being.  Your trade mark is what sets you apart.  And people will seek you out simply because of how you look, smell, taste, sound, speak and the services you offer.

All chocolate is not created equal, and neither are we humans.  We each add our distinctive touch to this world and people discover us and like us because of that.

Sip on that for a while.

P Michael Biggs
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