Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Intelligence - #5

Leadership Trait #5
We continue our ten part series on Leadership Characteristics based on a Harvey McKay weekly blog.

The research for these ten words came from a four-year series of executive seminars conducted by Santa Clara University and the Tom Peters Group/Learning systems.  This list first appeared in Management Review Magazine).  These thoughts are my own creation.

Leadership Trait #5

When we break down the word “Intelligence” on the synonym grid, the word we most resonant with is "ASTUTE"

When we break down the word "ASTUTE", we find –
   “Good judgment

“Astute” and “leadership” seem natural fits.  And leaders don’t get to lead for long unless they show a good sense of good judgment.  Good judgment is needed in everything from personnel issues to product development, marketing and research.  It becomes a delicate balancing act between good business sense and good common sense mixed with one’s ability to choose and lead the right team to accomplish the stated objectives. 

How many different ways can we say “good judgment” when it comes to a leadership quality we desire?

Have you heard this age-old joke?

A management guru was once asked how he got to be so successful. 

His response:  “Good judgment.”

Next question:  “And how did you learn the art of good judgment?”

“Bad judgment.”

It seems to me that intelligence is a learned trait, not an endowed trait.  Yes, some individuals are born with some measure of a greater capacity in brain power, but left untended, it can soon deteriorate. 

The way we improve in any endeavor is to learn from our past.  Hopefully we make enough smart decisions as leaders along the way and learn enough early enough from our bad mistakes so that we can gain a foothold and lead from a position of strength.

That seems to be the essence of intelligent leadership.  The past becomes a road-map to the future, as long as we remember and learn.

Think about that one.

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