Friday, August 30, 2013

Inspire - #4

We continue our ten part series on Leadership Characteristics based on a Harvey McKay weekly blog.

The research for these ten words came from a four-year series of executive seminars conducted by Santa Clara University and the Tom Peters Group/Learning systems.  This list first appeared in Management Review Magazine).  These thoughts are my own creation.

Leadership Trait #4

One of the great skills in leadership is the ability to inspire an individual, team or a company. 

One of the synonyms for inspire is “arouse”.

An inspiring leader arouses the character traits already inside of a person and helps channel them for the cause. 

Do you see the good and wholesome characteristics already lying dormant in your team, and can you bring those to the light of day for a good and worthy cause?

Then perhaps you are an inspiring leader.

Inspiring leaders are not just rah-rah cheerleaders.  I don’t find much merit in a pep rally in which we get pumped up and then it fizzles before we hit the playing field.

When I am recognized as a viable player, when my own individual effort is recognized, or a past or present contribution of mine is recognized, then I am more inspired and ready to go out and do the job again. 

Do you want to lead with inspiration?
~Walk beside me.
~Show me that you believe in me.
~Show that you care.
~Show that I am an equal and that you aren’t interested in just the top rank players.  You need the whole team, not just the super-stars.

Inspire all of us. 
       Look us in the eye
              Believe in us, each of us.

Inspire is to “breathe into”. A great leader breathes into his/her team.  And the most important ingredient you can possibly breathe into anyone is a sense of self-belief. 

These words motivate me:

“You can do it.  I believe in you
and I’m going to do whatever it takes
to help you succeed.”

Breathe into your team today.


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