Monday, January 1, 2018

My 2018 Guarantee Didn't Arrive

My 2018 Guarantee Didn’t Arrive

It’s 2018 and my guarantee didn’t arrive.  Did yours?

I have been expecting promises of good health, good will, a larger bank account, better relationships … you know the drill – more and bigger and better.

Now what am I going to do?

I think my guarantee promised more readers, more esteem as a writer.  That one didn’t come either.

I also ordered a golden parachute.  It was supposed to catch me when I fall, prevent injury and illness from attacking and assure my investments would all range in the double digits.

Now what?

I guess I’ll just have to do life anyway.  I’ll make my plans more carefully, I’ll weigh the odds, I’ll consider my options, I’ll tread with steps of discernment and wisdom.  I’ll find my faith … faith in my own resilience, my own strength and stamina and in God.  I’ll push myself when appropriate, I’ll dream often, I’ll still do life well.

You see, I still have my faith in my inner compass.

Maybe I don’t need a guarantee after all.

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